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Dr. Ruth on consanguinamory Empty Dr. Ruth on consanguinamory

on Thu 29 Mar - 3:34
Surprisingly supportive of an uncle-niece relationship late in life.

Dr. Ruth column wrote:Q: I have an uncle who recently became widowed. I've been very fond of him since I was a child. I'm 60 and divorced, and he's 69. My uncle and I are getting very fond of each other. He kisses and fondles me and wants to be intimate, but I hesitate because I feel it might be incest. I'd appreciate if you could let me know an answer to this question, because I feel I'm weakening.

A: The danger of incest is that if two close relatives have children, the shared genetics could negatively affect the health of those children. Since you're well beyond the age of having children, this factor doesn't come into play. But your relationship still would be incestuous, and so all your family members probably would be horrified, and some or all might shun you, assuming the sexual aspect of the relationship became known to them. So it's up to you to weigh all the factors and decide what to do. If the two of you lived in some very isolated spot where no one knew you, I'd say there was nothing really wrong with it, but since you probably don't, I think you're right to give this budding relationship careful consideration.


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Dr. Ruth on consanguinamory Empty Re: Dr. Ruth on consanguinamory

on Thu 29 Mar - 23:00
There shouldn't be anything to be horrified about, even if they were much younger, it still wouldn't be horrifying because they could get genetic testing and use contraception, but at 60 she is almost certainly past the menopause as Dr Ruth pointed out. As it stands they can hide it from the family, and if they were to go on holiday together, strangers would only see a typical older couple, they would be unlikely to realize they're related. I'd say they should go for it, and if they choose to move in together, they could easily say it's for the company and no-one would question it.
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