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A list of people executed for consensual incest

on Tue 5 Jun - 9:47
Who was the first CIAO martyr? Obviously there were too many, but like any nation ( I figure that as a unified group with the same belief we are entitled to nation status) we must have our Arlington cemetery, and national heroes and martyrs.

In ancient Israel most of the capital punishments by stoning and burning ( molten lead down the throat) were for the various crimes of incest. Those killed this way would qualify as martyrs. Can any of their names be found?
Fortunately Israel had already decriminalized ACI, but not all countries have.

I just found this case of two people Sweden being executed for incest.

The court judged Maria and Albrekt guilty of incest and sentenced them to death in keeping with the penalty prescribed for the offense in verse 11 chapter 20, of the biblical Book of Leviticus. The sentence was confirmed by the high court, and the 19 July 1721, Maria and Albrekt were executed together by decapitation"

In the 18th century people were still executed for incest even when they were not related by blood, because relations by marriage were considered by religious criteria to be equivalent to blood relatives. There was a similar case in Västmanland, where Brita Johansdotter ran away from her husband with her stepson Mats, four years younger than herself, in 1739; they lived in the wilderness together until they were captured, put on trial in Västerås and decapitated in 1741. Sexual relationship with all kinds of in-laws were considered incestuous by the church: Oluf Svensson and the wife of his uncle, Anna Olufsdotter, were executed in 1704, Erik Ohlsson and his sister-in-law Karin Andersdotter were executed in 1721, Dordi Rasmusdotter and her brother-in-law in 1724, and as late as 1797 Caisa Larsdotter was decapitated for having sex with her father-in-law

Let's see how many people were executed (murdered) /martyred this way

1797 Caisa Larsdotter
1741 Brita Johansdotter
1741 Mats - Brita Johansdotter 's stepson
1724 Dordi Rasmusdotter
1724 Dordi Rasmusdotter's brother-in-law
1721, Maria Ersdotter (Maria Dullfjär)
1721 Albrekt Nilsson Dullfjär ( 24-year-old former stepson of Maria Ersdotter
1721 Erik Ohlsson
1721 Karin Andersdotter -Erik Ohlsson's sister-in-law
1704 Oluf Svensson
1704 Anna Olufsdotter, wife of Oluf Svensson's uncle,

There 11 cases must be just the tip of the iceberg, even in Sweden and even so, they are not even close relatives. There must be many more cases, because the Swedish wiki site gives a bunch of different names from the same period.

"In 1705 Sigrid Pålsdotter in Härjedalen was thrown and burned on fire to have a child with his biological son Olof Jonsson Joll, who was beheaded, cut, stepped up and headed on the pile.
In the same year, Olof and Karin Sjulsdotter, the siblings, grew up in Jämtland to have a child together, despite the fact that their mother, siblings and others asked for a slight punishment as they were well-liked and "caring" in general.
In 1720 Kierstin Germundsdotter and her half-grandson Matte Olufsson were executed in Dalsland after having children together;
In 1742 the half-sister "Drängen Snäckers" and Annicka Persdotter were executed on Gotland for incest.
In 1756 Anders Pehrsson and his daughter Elna Andersdotter were stabbed for incest in Malmö.

1742 "Drängen Snäckers" (half sister of Annicka) Prepared on March 2, 1742.(drängen means 'laborer/farmhand)
1742 Annicka Persdotter (half sister of Drängen ) died or executed on February 27th?
1756 Anders Pehrsson
1756 Elna Andersdotte (Anders Pehrsson's daughter )

Here is a list of 'Executed People' in Sweden that includes many incest cases

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Re: A list of people executed for consensual incest

on Wed 6 Jun - 3:01
So the Swedes really don't like consensual adult incest.
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Re: A list of people executed for consensual incest

on Wed 6 Jun - 4:52
Today, some half siblings can legally marry in Sweden.

I blog to support the right of all adults to share love, sex, residence, and marriage:
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Re: A list of people executed for consensual incest

on Wed 6 Jun - 16:24
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Re: A list of people executed for consensual incest

on Wed 6 Jun - 22:35
I think Sweden is probably more tolerant than Iceland, where they released an app people could check to make sure that they and their potential spouse aren't distant cousins. Also note, most of these capital punishment incest cases are in the 1700s, I think it's safe to say that most if not all European countries have moved on from that, I don't think there is any country in Europe that applies the death penalty for any crime. Even mass murderers are just jailed for their natural lifespan (including monsters like Fred and Rose West), so nobody these days is going to be executed for incest, however it is still a criminal offence that can carry several years in jail in some countries, while others allow it but do not permit marriages between close relatives.
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Re: A list of people executed for consensual incest

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