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on Sat 8 Sep - 17:23
Hello everyone. This is my first time on a site like this and I so need to talk to people about my teenage years with my Mum. I am now 69 but those years are as fresh now as then. I miss her terribly. My name is David and i will give a full profile later. Thanks for reading, David
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on Sat 8 Sep - 21:41
How old were you when this happened? This forum is for discussion of consang relationships where both parties are consenting adults, or siblings close in age (like, if it's bro/sis and they were 16/17 when it started, then such should be kept vague). To be clear, we do not condone instances of underage parent/offspring sexual contact or permit the discussions of such. Like, if you were 18 or 19 and with your mother (or if you were attracted to her as a younger teen but nothing happened until you were older), then that is fine and I can let you in. But if you were like 13 or something and were having sex with her, then that's not something we would allow discussion of here. The main reasons we operate these rules are:

1. To keep the forum safe from people who would condone adult/child sexual activity - Allowing such discussions would attract pedophiles and that's the last thing we need.
2. To maintain a high standard of ethics and morals within the community - As an admin, I have a social responsibility to all users of the forum, and part of that role is setting the standard.
3. To stay within the Terms of Service of our forum provider which is dictated by French Law, as that is where the servers are located.

I hope you understand, and can clarify how old you were when this took place?


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