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For the ladies, Tips for defending against men. Empty For the ladies, Tips for defending against men.

on Mon 22 Oct - 23:35
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Ladies. I know most of you aren't going to spend years learning a martial art but the brutal truth is many women will be the victims of sexual assault at some point. Dont be a victim.

Men have an in inherent size, strength and reach advantage over us. Even myself who has spent 13 years leaning MMA will think twice about taking on a man twice my weight and strength.

The thing is all men and all people have weak points on their body that when hit will disable them regardless of their size. Men have an extra one we all know about. Go for it. Don't be shy. Kick him in the dick. If you break someone's nose there eyes will flood with tears and make it hard to fight. Your fingernails are weapons use them. Rake or jab them into the eyes. If they cant see they cant fight. Don't be afraid to maim them. Shots to the kidneys hurt, they hurt a lot again you can be really big and really tough but taking a kidney shot will knock the wind out of most people. The kidneys are on the lower back to each side of the spine. If you can land a powerful blow to the base of the spine you can disable people. And maybe permanently again don't be afraid to inflict permanent damage on a man attacking you make him remember you for the rest of his life. I recommend it because even if you miss the base of the spine there's a good chance you will hit one of the kidneys. Jab to the throat if you hit them hard enough you can interfere with their breathing or kill them.   Either is acceptable. Hitting someones ears hurt and will daze them if hit hard enough. Box their ears or try and tear it off with your nails, tearing someones ear off will end most fights. Hit the joints especially the knees. Knees are relatively easy to break with a hard enough kick. Hit the temples. If you hit a temple hard enough you can concuss them or kill them. If you can grab an arm (this is a little tough to pull off in a real fight) give a hard knee strike to the elbow. Pull their elbow down into your knee strike and break that elbow. If you can hook their nose with your fingernails go for it. The nose is very soft flesh and you can tear it open pretty easily. Be careful about fish hooking someones mouth, I have seen recommendations to do that with your nails but if they get the chance they can bite off your finger.  

I know most women wont spend years mastering martial arts so at least learn how to throw a proper jab, a proper reverse punch, a proper front snap kick and a side thrust kick. Id also recommend learning the rear scoop kick. A rear scoop kick is great for when your opponents is holding you from behind. Your rear scoop will hit him right in the groin. Its not hard to learn practice it. Fancy wheel kicks, crescent kicks and round houses look great but in a real fight simpler is better.

Use your environment, grab whatever weapon is available, bottles, sticks brooms, even your car keys. Throw dirt dust or sand in their eyes. If you have an alcoholic drink throw it in his eyes it will cause his eyes to sting and tear up.

Once they are on the ground don't let them get back up. Stomp. If you have heels on stomp the heel into their groin make sure they never use their balls again. Stomp the ribs to break them, Heel stomp their throat to kill them, stomp their head to concuss or kill. Avoid submission holds unless you know how to do one. They can be effective for neutralizing strength advantages but you need to be practiced and trained to do them effectively. You don't need any training to stomp on someones head or balls.

If you are fighting in heels it can be tricky. Use knee strikes instead of kicks it can be hard to balance a kick in heels, Lean forward to the balls of your feet and keep you heel off the ground and out of the way of tripping you up. Keep your weight on the toes and balls of your feet. If you can take your heel off and use it as a weapon.

Be brutal, be vicious, be violent, be merciless. They will, and they wont show you any mercy.

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For the ladies, Tips for defending against men. Empty Re: For the ladies, Tips for defending against men.

on Tue 23 Oct - 22:27
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I think every woman would be wise to learn these techniques. I learned most of them from a Self Defense for Women class I took a while back and regularly practice them with my son to keep in practice. (No contact, obviously) But I also carry a Ruger LC9s 9 mm pistol. I would prefer to not have to use deadly force but if the situation calls for it, I will to protect myself.
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For the ladies, Tips for defending against men. Empty Re: For the ladies, Tips for defending against men.

on Thu 6 Dec - 10:54
Thank you, for your good intentions about our safety. I understand, not condoning or condemning. For me, it's not my way.
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For the ladies, Tips for defending against men. Empty Re: For the ladies, Tips for defending against men.

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