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An appeal from a journalist. Empty An appeal from a journalist.

on Tue 14 Jun - 14:51
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Myself, Keith and Cristina all received the following e-mail from a lady who wants to make a documentary about GSA. She's looking primarily for people who live in areas where it is not illegal (she lists the states) and she indicated to me in an e-mail exchange that she would be willing to travel to European countries where it's legal if she cannot find participants in the USA. If you're interested in participating then please get in touch with her, all information is in the e-mail below, which is copied and pasted into here:

My name is Sara Roberts. I am a documentary and docu-series producer based in Chicago, IL. I was first introduced to the phenomena of Genetic Sexual Attraction and consanguinamorous relationships via a news article detailing the impending prosecution of a GSA couple. I felt compelled to do further research and I found that there was so much more to the consanguinamorous community than sensational news coverage represents. These aren’t legal battles, they’re love stories.
I believe with recent successes in the marriage equality movement, there is more of a platform for the awareness and acceptance of GSA couples than ever before.
The ability to connect with individuals outside of the consanguinamorous community in a truthful and positive way is the next crucial step in being recognized within this movement.
My wish is to reach out to individuals currently in or previously in a consanguinamorous relationship, particularly, those who might live in or are willing to relocate to Rhode Island, New Jersey, or Ohio. I am aware discussing GSA and non-GSA relationships, active or inactive, can be difficult for a number of reasons. We would, of course, be willing to discuss ways of protecting their privacy.
If this opportunity is of interest to anyone you may know, I can be contacted anonymously or through a liaison at to discuss further details.
Thank you,
Sara Roberts
The Commonwealth Picture Co.
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An appeal from a journalist. Empty Re: An appeal from a journalist.

on Tue 14 Jun - 17:59
This surely is something! the more awareness the better; if nothing else it feels like we should stay in touch with her. Has there ever been a considerate documentary made?
A cursory search on Sara Roberts & The Commonwealth Picture Co. didn't turn up very much (except that they're hiring). It would be nice if there was way to see what other kind of documentaries they've made, see what they're like and all. Even so, she feels genuine
What are your thoughts?
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