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VICE Media Documentary Empty VICE Media Documentary

on Tue 5 Feb - 15:50
(this is a copy of my introduction that I also posted to the intros thread)

Hi There. My name is CJ and I am a 24-year-old journalist and documentarian with VICE Media who has been trying to learn more about Genetic Sexual Attraction and consanguinamory. I connected briefly with Christina Shy last year and was able to learn a bit more about her experience and advocacy efforts as well as some of the biggest hurdles and misconceptions she felt excited within media when it comes to GSA. Unfortunately, I got pulled into some rather involved projects shortly after connecting with Christina and was unable to dedicate myself to pursuing this documentary. However, I would really like to revisit the topic in 2019.

In exploring this topic a bit last year, it became clear to me that there is a real lack of unbiased media attention to the GSA and consanguinamory community that does not sensationalize or misrepresent the human experiences within and behind this community. While I know there are many hurdles in sharing these stories in a way that does not put any individuals at risk, I would very much like to look into the possibilities here, as I feel a GSA documentary that centers around individual, personal, and very human experiences could be quite powerful.

In the meantime, I am hoping to learn more about experiences with GSA and any stories members of the forum would like to share with me. If anyone is interested in speaking to me more about this project on or completely off the record, I am fully available to do so. I know this forum is a safe space for many and by no means want to violate that. My goal is just to grow my understanding and to be open to anyone who would like to speak with me.

If anyone would like to reach me outside the forum, I am available at
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