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More petitions needed to over 40 countries for Full Marriage Equality

on Sun 5 Feb - 2:05
Sorry I have been away.
Recently I tried to get support for a petition to the French Minister of Justice asking him to help
make consanguineous marriage legalized in France.

(Here it is if you haven't signed already:-)

Has anyone got an idea about how to make petitions to the other 40 or so countries effectively and efficiently.
(Could there be one petition addressed to all Justice Ministers?) I know there are people out there who are really really smart and full of great ideas. We need you! :
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Re: More petitions needed to over 40 countries for Full Marriage Equality

on Sun 5 Feb - 22:50
I'm aware of this petition and have signed it. It was made by Richard from Australia, who I communicate with regularly via e-mail.

There are options available to us regarding how to petition different countries. Either mass-send a petition to all countries where incest is illegal, with a slightly different petition for marriage equality to those who do not criminalize, OR, petition the European Union. I disagree with the concept of the EU because it's essentially a creeping tyranny, however it's the system that the majority of Europe has signed up to and it makes sense to petition it for the benefit of all consang people living within the EU.

I think I might discuss this with Richard and see what he thinks about it, since he is the one who already has his real name out there as the author of the above petition and the Scottish Petitions. I've agreed to help him out with writing the next Scottish Petition, although obviously my name won't be appearing anywhere.

Anyway, welcome back Smile
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