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on Fri 21 Apr - 20:33
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I was in an exhibitionist relationship with my mother from my twenties until she passed a few years ago. When we visited each other we would be naked as much as possible and masturbate in from of each other with occasional oral.
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Hi everyone Empty Re: Hi everyone

on Fri 21 Apr - 22:00
You do understand that this forum isn't for talking about the sexual stuff, right? It's a support forum for people who are or who have been involved. We don't accept sexual stories (even if true) here, and with good reason, it detracts from genuine discussion about OTHER aspects of incest and GSA relationships. If you wish to discuss the sex and masturbation, I would advise you to do so elsewhere, there are plenty of other places out there that cater for that. KS is different in that regard.
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