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Hello! My name is Vanessa (Nessa)

on Tue 15 Aug - 2:08
Hello all, my name is Vanessa and I was told about your forum/site by a dear friend who has been aware of and at times involved in the relationship I have with my son.

I admit, my relationship with him began to be sexual in nature when he was going through puberty, but we did not actually sleep together until he was of legal age. Before that, I simply did what I saw was a mother's duty in a large way, which was to teach him about his body and about sex and about what orgasms are. For three years, I brought him to climax several times a week before we began to sleep together. He's now 19 and we still share this bond and I still fulfill my duties as his mother while he is single, but relationships with other women are always encouraged and I stay out of them.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and see that there are so many like-minded people in the world

Cheers x

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Re: Hello! My name is Vanessa (Nessa)

on Tue 15 Aug - 18:40
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Vanessa, if you had sexual contact with him before he was of legal age (even if not full sex), we cannot accept you here. You mentioned he was 'going through puberty' when sexual contact began, which would indicate he was quite underage. Rules are rules and we have them for good reason, you'll have to find someplace else, we don't condone that here.

Re: Hello! My name is Vanessa (Nessa)

on Wed 16 Aug - 13:25
I see, good day.
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Re: Hello! My name is Vanessa (Nessa)

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