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SecondFlight has been BANNED from KS Empty SecondFlight has been BANNED from KS

on Thu 31 Aug - 22:58
Well, I warned him that if he continued with his transphobic hatred, I'd give him the boot. Seems like he didn't listen, and he's now been removed.

HOWEVER, we should remain vigilant. I was going to IP level ban this user to prevent this possibility of his returning to the forums, but unfortunately he used a different IP address each time he logged in, rendering this impossible. It therefore stands to reason that he is using some kind of IP disguising program to hide his real IP, and that banning the long list of IPs would not have resulting in him being unable to return to the forums. At this stage, the most I have been able to do about this is place a ban on both his username and the e-mail address he signed up with.

I have a sneaking suspicion it's somebody who I had previously banned (and deleted), although I cannot confirm that suspicion. Either way, I've given him the boot, but we should watch out in case he comes back.

Let this be a warning to any other haters, homophobes, transphobes and general bigots, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AT KS.

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