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on Sat 9 Dec - 22:56
Since we've had some issues as of late with people being unsure of the forum rules (or simply not actually reading them, which often results in their being upgraded being delayed due to lack of sufficient information), I've decided to repost them to minimize disruption to the forum and to ensure that all newcomers know what's expected of them here.

There are a few ground rules here:

1. No pornography or links to it.
2. No dirty stories please, this place must be kept clean.
3. No spamming.
4. No hacks/warez/mining or phishing software allowed on the forums, or links to such things.
5. Absolutely no discussion of sex between adults and persons under 18 is allowed, there will be no warnings and it will incur an automatic ban.
6. No harassing other members or asking for personal details or 'pics', that includes by PM.
7. You must post your introduction before being upgraded to view and post in the main forums.
8. It goes without saying, but you absolutely MUST be over the age of 18 to join. Any posters found to be underage will be BANNED.
9. All of the above rules also apply to the chatbox at the bottom of the website.
10. No sexually suggestive or explicit usernames will be tolerated.
11. Only ONE account per person is permitted. If two people will be using the same IP address under different accounts, that is okay providing that you tell us in your introductions so that we know about it. This rule is to prevent trolling, and making sure that we don't accidentally ban legitimate users who share an IP address.
12. We will permit no posts which appear to justify anything which would be considered the grooming of minors, so no so-called 'grey area' posts please, we take the welfare of children and young people seriously. If you have to ask the question 'is it okay to post this?', the chances are it's inappropriate and it shouldn't be here.
13. We will permit no posts about off-topic and unjustifiable sexual acts, such as bestiality, necrophilia or other harmful and immoral acts where informed consent is rendered impossible.

The rules are there to ensure that the forum runs smoothly and we have a supportive and friendly environment in which people can discuss their relationships with other people who are going through the same issues. The rules concerning registration are there to enable us to filter out trolls, spies, underage users, and sexual predators. It is by no means a perfect system, but it does it's job 99% of the time. This gives all upgraded users a level of security that they would not have elsewhere. That's why we ask all people to make an introductory post, so we get a basic idea of what kind of people we're letting in. It need not be an essay, just tell us your age, your partners age, and your basic circumstance (such as, are you involved, or an ally).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Jane Doe
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