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on Sun 15 May - 5:01
Hey, I was on the other forum and posted a couple of times but I didn't really keep up with it at times just cause I'm a sensitive person and sometimes I don't feel I'm up for a discussion because I'm feeling emotional or something. My username here is different but I have a tumblr. I've spoken to fullmarriageequality and thefinalmanifesto before. They are awesome people Smile
I myself am not involved in a consanguinamorous relationship but I can relate alot to the stigma since I'm part of a minority myself. I feel there are so many similarities between queer people and other sexual minorities in our struggles and I've always wanted to see them supporting each other... straight, gay, whatever. I always feel so weird commenting because I'm coming from a strange place... My interest in these subjects came from roleplaying a long time ago and feeling really deeply connected to a pair of fictional characters. I loved them so much, and I wanted to expand my understanding of that kind of love by observing and talking to real people that have experienced something like what they had... I want to be a writer someday and in a way I am doing research. That doesn't mean I will take any of your personal information, don't worry! I just want to know the dynamics on a deeper level so I can write their specific characters with more realism and knowledge. study

I don't feel too comfortable sharing too much about myself but I would gladly talk through PM with anyone. And I will try to express some thoughts occasionally.

I come here as someone who wants to learn and also as an ally. And I'm over 18.

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on Sun 15 May - 14:33
Welcome! Glad you made it over here! Thanks for the kind words. You have been approved.
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on Sun 15 May - 21:53
Welcome to the forums Smile
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