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Fri 20 Jan 2023 - 14:27
Hello, I'm 41 years old and I had been in a sexual relationship with my mother from the age of around 13 until 25. It started when I became interested in knowing what's mother's milk tasted like as I rejected her milk as a baby. After I found out how her breast milk tasted like I slowly got attracted to her whole body. At the beginning my mother didn't understand my real desire and thought I was just curious about her milk. After some time she started to accept my feelings and let me do whatever I want with her body, but real sex was never going to happen. It was the greatest time of my life.
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Fri 20 Jan 2023 - 17:11
Clearly you either haven’t read our rules or are ignoring them. Can’t upgrade you. Thread locked.

I blog to support the right of all adults to share love, sex, residence, and marriage:
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