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Introducing myself! Empty Introducing myself!

Thu 27 Apr 2023 - 5:54
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Hello! Posting my introduction here. I had an experience with my younger sister when I was 21 and she was 19. It was the best and worst thing to have happen to me.

We were on holiday just the two of us, both of us recently single, and after a few drinks and realizing we were both lonely, in a foreign country where no one knew us, and both a bit less than sober we ended up doing the deed once, and then a lot more than once for the remainder of the trip.

There is a lot more to the story but that’s the short of it! That was years ago and when we got home we never talked about it or acknowledged it ever again. Both of us have since moved on and are both married but it has ruined all other women for me.

It was the most visceral passionate thing I have ever experienced and knowing it will never happen again is depressing. I have a very loving and fulfilling relationship with my wife but she does not know of the history with my sister, nor does my sisters husband.

Sometimes I wish we continued but alas that ship has sailed!

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Introducing myself! Empty Re: Introducing myself!

Thu 27 Apr 2023 - 10:56
Hi, Mustardplunder0q, welcome to Kindred Spirits. I’ve upgraded your account.

Glad you had your time with your sister, even though it was brief. I’m sure both of your lives would have been much different if you had continued as lovers. And, as folks here will tell you, there are downsides.

Please enjoy our forum, and we’d welcome you to participate as you see fit!

Stay safe,

Every now and then, an ally can say a few words, the right words, and change someone’s life for the better.

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Introducing myself! Empty Re: Introducing myself!

Sat 29 Apr 2023 - 19:01
Welcome aboard!

I blog to support the right of all adults to share love, sex, residence, and marriage:

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Introducing myself! Empty Re: Introducing myself!

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