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Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

Sun 12 Mar 2017 - 22:17

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Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Re: Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

Fri 13 Aug 2021 - 6:48
Hi. I just stumbled on this old Rhode Island petition. I was surprised that of the 76 people who signed it, this time the majority (65) are from the US and very few from outside USA signed.

Mind you, there have only been 1361 views of the petition. (says

That means slightly over 5% of viewers signed. But imagine if 200 million saw the petition!

Well as they say, 'Sbagliando s'impara' (By making mistakes, one learns).

Best wishes
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Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Re: Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

Sat 18 Dec 2021 - 9:19
I am thankful to all the people from all these places listed below who signed this petition.
With no money spent on Facebook or advertising by me, I think the response has been quite good I read today that our Prime Minister spends a couple of thousand advertising his site. He must be desperate:-)



milton keynes
Spring Valley
San Ramon
Rancho Cucamonga
Cave Creek

College Station
Rio Rancho
Broken Bow
Lehigh Acres
Colorado springs
West Des Moines
East Brunswick
Mount Pleasant
Long Beach
San Diego
North Bend
William street
peachtree city
Los Angeles
San Jose
Winter Haven
north wales

Foothill Ranch

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Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Re: Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

Fri 8 Apr 2022 - 1:26
I have been procrastinating about publishing a new petition to the Vatican City. I was half way through the first draft when I saw the first Petition to ban slavery in North America written in 1688.

I have adapted this old petition as best I can into a Ciao Rights petition, but would like to have some other people's opinions and suggestions before going any further with it. Any help with improving the petition would be most welcome.

The Petition

To Catia Summaria, The Promoter of Justice, (Attorney General) Vatican City,

These are the reasons why we are against the ban on adult consensual incest ( ACI) and the ban on marriage between people who are ACI-Oriented (CIAO).

Is there any one who would accept this treatment i.e. being arrested, made a criminal, jailed, separated from their loving partner or common law spouse and loving children and banned from legally marrying the one who agreed to marry you? How fearful and anxious would you be, if you were to be criminalized like a CIAO person, just for having a relationship with an consenting adult family member and you saw a police car, with police men and women approaching you or a loved one, people that could arrest you and take your loved ones away?
Was it better or worse when homosexuals, slaves and Jews were treated this way? Yes, you say it was worse for them, and still it is bad in countries that still criminalize and or persecute homosexuals, semitic people and runaway slaves. To jail consenting adult homosexuals, Jews and runaway slaves, is bad or worse than bad. But in an equal world we can not conceive that there should be more liberty for LBGT people, Jews or runaway slaves than there is for CIAO people.
There is a saying that we shall do to all men as we would have done to ourselves ( the Golden Rule); making no difference of what generation, descent or colour they are. And those who love people who are strangers, or their close kin, people of the opposite, same or different sex, are they not all alike?
Every human being has rights that should never be violated. Here is liberty of conscience which is right and reasonable; here ought to be liberty of the body, except for evil-doers, which is another case. But to arrest people and jail them, deny them their liberty simply for being CIAO and try to force them against their will to be different from that who they are, we stand against. In the whole world there are many who are oppressed for conscience sake; and many of those oppressed are consanguinamorous, consang and CIAO. And we who know that men must not commit adultery, - some do force it on others, in separating CIAO wives from their CIAO husbands and saying their marriages are no longer legal and saying that they must marry others not related to them, either by consanguinity or by affinity ; and taking away their children and in some cases, selling their babies to other families.
Ah! You who does it to others, consider if you would have this done to you in this manner? And is done according to Christianity? Arrests of this sort can make shocking news reports in those countries in Europe and elsewhere, where CIAO people are not criminalized, (about 42 countries world, constituting over half the world's population, including half of the EU countries, including France, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium). If those people do hear of countries that treat CIAO people like cattle, ( with no human rights) it is for that reason that they might lose any interest in and any inclination to visit such backward countries that so systematically and repeatedly harm CIAO people. And who shall speak good of your country or religion, or plead for it? Truly it would be too difficult for us to do so, except in the case you shall inform us that the law has been changed for the better, and that Christians and people of all religions or no religion have liberty and the right to practise these things according to their own will and conscience.
What thing in the world can be done us, that is worse than if men should rob us of our children and send us to jail, separating husband from wife, lover from lover, parents from children? With all the consequences of a jail sentence, plus the stigma associated with incest, it is a fate worse than death. This contradicts the Golden Rule and it is not doing to others as we would have them do unto us, and so we oppose the law against CIAO people as we opposed other bad laws in the past.

And we who profess that is is not lawful to steal, must, likewise, avoid stealing the lives and children of CIAO people but rather help to stop the abominable discrimination against and ill treatment of CIAO people if possible. And CIAO people ought to be delivered out of the hands of prison guards, judges and policemen and set free in all the anti-CIAO countries where in they are criminalized and they should be allowed to marry if they so wish. Then if the Vatican City has a better reputation than it now has, so will other countries that follow its example. The CIAO -friendly European countries may be curious about the Vatican City and how it rules the country, however small in size. Would they be wrong to look upon the Vatican with an envious eye if such changes were made? Just how does the Vatican treat its CIAO people? Everyone is a child of God, so we must all be related in the spiritual sense as being One family. All relationships therefore must be in some sense incestuous spiritually.
If once these CIAO people (which they say are so wicked and stubborn) should join together and fight for their freedom, - and treat their oppressors, (police, judges, jailers, judgemental neighbours. even clergy), as they did treat them before; will these oppressors take up the bayonet and war against these poor CIAO people, as if we could believe, some will not refuse to?; or have these CIAO people not as much right to fight for their freedom, as you have to keep them in jail?
Now consider this if you will, would that be a good or bad thing?
And in case you find it to be good, to treat these CIAO people in the same manner that we desire others to treat us, i.e. lovingly, won't you please inform us that all Christians have such a liberty ney a Christian duty to do so?

We shall be satisfied in this point, and so will our good friends and acquaintances in their native countries where CIAO people are not criminalized, to whom it is a terrible and fearful thing, that CIAO people should be treated so badly in other countries.


Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Re: Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

Sat 6 Aug 2022 - 5:09
Woohoo on 87 signatures. Getting close to 100!
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Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island Empty Re: Petition for poly and consang rights in Rhode Island

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