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Flowers in the Attic Empty Flowers in the Attic

on Tue 21 Mar - 1:23
I just watched the whole telefilm (is that how it's called ?), and I am astonished at how GOD IT'S GOOD.
This kind of format, with several episodes have never had any appeal on me. Since it was meant to talk about incest and moreover, bro/sis pairing who takes on the role of the parental couple for the sake of their younger siblings (I love that theme), I gave it a shot.
And I've never, ever hated so much characters than some in it. At the beginning I thought the actress was just plain bad, each and every of her gesture were repulsive to me. But at the end you understand it was on the contrary very well played by someone with great acting. It takes a lot of talent, to make others think you have none !
And that love was so pure, so bright... The setting was perfect for it to feel natural. Yet it wasn't that obvious, if you were to ignore they were meant to harbor feelings. The title isn't telling much either. I surprised myself shouting at some characters, a thing I never do. I didn't think I could identify that much with a character before now, even though I did see many splendid films in the past, with children, forbidden love, etc,  but I hardly ever feared to see what happens next, because of what might happen to the characters.
The social criticism was also exquisite: this whole bourgeois decadent overwhelming wealth showing its true ugly side.
The only issue I would have had more information about, is the change in their mother. She adopts a behavior so extreme and despicable it is almost impossible to comprehend, if you do know her "sociale" rational.

Overall note: 9/10
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