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Welcome to the Library
Fri 22 Sep - 18:03Jane Doe
I've decided to launch a new community project for us, anyone can participate
NEW: Consanguinamorous Reproduction Study
Sat 17 Jun - 17:25Jane Doe
I'm launching this one today, it's running for one year, maybe longer if it takes longer to collect enough data.
The Consanguinamory Orientation Study
Thu 7 Sep - 8:16Jane Doe
SecondFlight has been BANNED from KS
Thu 31 Aug - 17:58Jane Doe
Well, I warned him that if he continued with his transphobic hatred, I'd give him the boot. Seems like he didn't listen, and he's now been removed.

HOWEVER, we should remain vigilant. I was going to IP level ban this user to prevent this possibility of his returning to the forums, but unfortunately he used a different IP address each time he logged in, rendering this impossible. It therefore …
Been in an e-mail exchange with a journalist, FULL ANONYMITY PROMISED
Wed 29 Jun - 12:33Jane Doe
I've recently had contact with somebody doing a documentary for Channel 4 about GSA.... She has agreed to allow any participants to remain anonymous even to herself... and so I would like to pass on the info so anyone interested can get in touch with her.
Her e-mail address is:
Here is our e-mail exchange:
First one:
about Nicky3000 & Queenlove
Fri 28 Jul - 17:54sleepingrain
If you wrote to Nicky3000 or Queenlove, this may not be pleasant

Okay, so
Nicky3000 & Queenlove had the same IP address, and they kept logging-on one after another. Nicky told me in a PM she didn't share her house or internet connection with Queenlove, or know her in-person. So, I asked her why she had a matching IP address, and if my suspicions about her weren't wrong. She said she …
Thu 26 May - 20:14Jane Doe
Due to only getting eleven responses in two and a half months, I've decided to do the study a different way. People can now do it by filling out multiple choice questions online. It's quicker, easier, and anonymous. Please consider filling it out because I'm trying to compile some data on the community as a whole.

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