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ever talked/met with someone with your intrest Empty ever talked/met with someone with your intrest

on Thu 16 Nov - 20:41

have any of you met someone with the same intrests or same loving relationship as it is for you?

if its through friends you met someone or by some online site or even by just chatting

talking about before this forum came about and we found out about it which im thankful for


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ever talked/met with someone with your intrest Empty Re: ever talked/met with someone with your intrest

on Fri 17 Nov - 2:15
Yes, two people, both online. One hasn't spoken with me for a long time; I miss her. She wasn't in a relationship but she had feelings for a family member and wasn't sure if she should mention it, though I don't think she was going to. Hopefully she's okay, either way. I haven't heard from her in years.
My other friend I met earlier, by happenstance. She was drunk & looking for someone to talk with, which ended up being me. She'd recently started things with her sister & didn't feel like anyone would accept her, and she was pleasantly surprised I understood what she was going through. She was the first person I'd met who was in such a similar situation, though not the first I'd confided in. It was awesome, we had a lot in common and we're still close friends - though we disagree a lot too (mostly politics). I've asked her to join here, I think it'd do her some good, but she wasn't interested. Hopefully she'll come around.
And surely others too, who didn't say anything about it. There's been people I knew who thought about it, before deciding it wasn't for them. And others, who I wasn't sure, but felt like they might be.

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