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Movie: Into the Forest Empty Movie: Into the Forest

on Tue 23 Jan - 19:06
A few weeks ago my sis recommended me 'Into the Forest', and I finally had time for it Sunday. It's from a book, about two sisters surviving after a global power failure. They're close though not a couple, and their closeness was something I related with. And it was a nice change from usual post-apocalypse stories; we both loved Fury Road but there's more than one way the world can end! it needn't always be a nuclear apunkalyptic wasteland.
The movie's director did good; the setting was believable & well-shot (mostly forest), and she does well for her cast. Very minimal special effects. There's some nudity, handled tastefully. If anybody's interested in seeing it, you should know there's a quite violent scene. Not super-gory... just violent. Otherwise, it's not a fast-paced movie & doesn't have a large cast, so it's not for everybody.
If you've also seen it, let me know your thoughts!
thank you for reading & take care
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Movie: Into the Forest Empty Re: Movie: Into the Forest

on Tue 23 Jan - 19:20
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