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Jane Doe
Jane Doe
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Disappointment and hope Empty Disappointment and hope

Sat 15 Dec - 1:32
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To all Members,

As many of you may know, I've been foraying into the very murky waters of BTC. I found an excellent faucet which I believed I could use to eventually bring us enough passive income for our own site... but they withdrew the game that would have done that within around 2 years (just as I was getting to the stage of 64 coins/hour... around 100 satoshis, some miners had over 2000 satoshi/hour, I reinvested every coin I earned. They're paying all miners back their investment plus coins already earned... so I'm due just over 9 americal dollars paid in a few hundred satoshi per month. That's not bad for 2 months work starting from zero. The situation is not ideal, but the site is an excellent faucet, and alongside other faucets I vist, it will eventually be enough for a serious investment. I will be taking advice from people in the know.... this is not MY money, it is OUR money... money I intend to lead to our freedom. No matter how long it takes, no matter how much BS I must endure in the first place..... I will not fail us. It will be belated, but I absolutely promise to deliver a mega-site, and a proper organzation for us. I do not take failure for an answer, I simply try again. The cause of freedome for us all, that is damn worth a few headaches and a few fuckups to get there.

Guys, no matter what. and what setbacks I suffer, I will get there for us, I promise. Equality for us is what matters.

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Disappointment and hope Empty Re: Disappointment and hope

Sat 15 Dec - 2:27
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You're a good person, Jane. Anyone whose talked to you would know that. Smile
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