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A new way to get bitcoin, and a million times easier from the looks of it.
Sat 15 Feb - 22:46Jane Doe

This is my personal link, sign up and use the browser, and you start earning, and I get paid a percentage of what you're earning too. Share your own personal link with others and you earn from their internet browsing in addition to what you'd already be getting. People get paid up to ten tiers below them... go for it folks
Bitcoin woes
Sat 8 Feb - 23:26Jane Doe
I went back to the site I was using after several months... because by now all of the satoshi owed to me in the small payments in compensation for the fact that the mining game was pulled should have been paid... and my account was emptied of all but a couple of hundred satoshi (which isn't even a penny). I then checked my e-mail, my junk folder, and there was details of the withdrawal, it …
Dave000 is Banned
Sat 8 Feb - 2:48Jane Doe
Banned for rule violations and rude behaviour towards staff and other forum members. He was warned by UN, he ignored the warning, and now he is out.
Delete account
Sun 30 Apr - 18:39Anonymous
Hi how do i delete my account and have emails stopped sending to me?
We're creating a Moderators group
Sun 4 Mar - 23:11Jane Doe
Okay folks, as you've probably noticed, KS has grown a fair bit in recent months, and when it gets busy, it gets very busy around here. For this reason, we believe that the time has come to create a small group of moderators, as most forums around our size would usually have. We're looking ideally for 4-5 people.

The responsibilities for moderators:
Upgrade people by adding them to 'Introduced'
The forum now has an SSL certificate, and a few other admin features.
Mon 30 Dec - 1:29Jane Doe
We have UN to thank for this news as he provided the money. The important thing is, the forum is now more secure, and we have some extra storage space as well. We all owe him our thanks Smile
New Security Measures
Thu 9 Jan - 23:55Jane Doe
It's been bought to my attention that the dormant admin accounts at KS could pose a potential security risk and be an easy target to hackers. For this reason, I have reduced the admin list from nine to just four.

The current admin team are: Me, FullMarriageEquality, Sleepingrain, and Unowen17.

The people I reduced back to normal members have not visited this forum in well over 12 months, and I …
Pending friend requests
Wed 8 Jan - 11:31Unowen17
Hi, all,

I haven’t looked at my profile for a long time, and found five pending friend requests. I’ve accepted all of them. Thanks, and sorry for the long wait!

For others, now would be a good time to check the “Friends and foes” tab in your profile for pending requests. And, if you want to add someone as a friend, give them a heads-up in PM.

Unowen is now an Admin
Tue 24 Dec - 21:33Jane Doe
To all KS members,

Due to his exemplary performance in his duties as a moderator during my absence, I have decided that it was time to promote UN to the rank of Administrator, with all the rights, priviledges and responsibilities thereoff. I know it probably won't come as much of a surprise to most of you, but I'd like to say congrats to him and welcome to the admin team Smile

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