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New like-dislike buttons
Fri 26 Jun - 19:28Unowen17
Hi, all,

You may have noticed the new like-dislike buttons (thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons) in the lower left corner of messages. There are some differences between them and the upvote-downvote buttons (plus and minus icons) in the upper right:

  • Like and dislike do not affect member reputation. Upvote and downvote do.
  • Like and dislike can be undone. Upvote and downvote can’t.
  • Upvote and …
A reminder to all
Thu 11 Jun - 2:07Jane Doe
Your safety and security is important to the staff here at KS. For this reason, it is imperative that you let myself or one of the other admins know immediately if anyone:

1. Attempts to get you to reveal any personally identifying information, be that your a/s/l, address, phone number, or pictures.Doesn't matter whether this occurred at KS or elsewhere, we need to know.
2. PMs you with sexually …
Consanguinamory and polyamory glossary
Mon 8 Jun - 8:45Unowen17
Hi, all,

Since we get questions about what one word or another means all the time, here’s a link to the long-established glossary from the Full Marriage Equality blog.

Keith maintains this glossary, and I don’t see any advantage in having two competing and dissimilar ones.

If you need a consang or poly term defined …
April 28 is International Consanguinamory Day!
Tue 20 Mar - 0:03Unowen17
Hi, all,

It’s official! April 28 is International Consanguinamory Day!

4/28 is twice 2/14, Valentine’s Day, in honor of double love.

Time to hit the stores! Smile

Delete account
Sun 30 Apr - 17:39Anonymous
Hi how do i delete my account and have emails stopped sending to me?
Mon 12 Sep - 11:28Jane Doe
This is a secret group meaning that only members can see or participate in the group, anybody wanting to be added to it should friend either myself, Cristina or Keith, and obviously PM us your username here and we can add you. This is to compliment this forum and give people the chance to communicate more directly.
A new way to get bitcoin, and a million times easier from the looks of it.
Sat 15 Feb - 22:46Jane Doe

This is my personal link, sign up and use the browser, and you start earning, and I get paid a percentage of what you're earning too. Share your own personal link with others and you earn from their internet browsing in addition to what you'd already be getting. People get paid up to ten tiers below them... go for it folks
Bitcoin woes
Sat 8 Feb - 23:26Jane Doe
I went back to the site I was using after several months... because by now all of the satoshi owed to me in the small payments in compensation for the fact that the mining game was pulled should have been paid... and my account was emptied of all but a couple of hundred satoshi (which isn't even a penny). I then checked my e-mail, my junk folder, and there was details of the withdrawal, it …
Dave000 is Banned
Sat 8 Feb - 2:48Jane Doe
Banned for rule violations and rude behaviour towards staff and other forum members. He was warned by UN, he ignored the warning, and now he is out.
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