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Allessandre has been banned from KS Empty Allessandre has been banned from KS

Sun 22 Dec 2019 - 17:38
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Allessandre has been banned from Kindred Spirits for multiple incidents of harassing KS members for personal information and for making pedophile/grooming statements. He has also been removed from the KS Wire chat, since he is no longer a member in good standing.

KS is a support site. It is not a dating site. (Rule 6)

Pedophilia and grooming of minors  by any KS member will never be tolerated. (Rule 12)

These rules apply to all communication between KS members, regardless of whether the communication took place on the KS site or off it. (Rule 9)

If you feel that you are being harassed by a KS member, please contact a mod or admin, regardless of whether the harassment occurred on KS or not.


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Every now and then, an ally can say a few words, the right words, and change someone’s life for the better.
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Allessandre has been banned from KS Empty Re: Allessandre has been banned from KS

Sun 22 Dec 2019 - 22:15
You made the right call here, we don't want people like that on the site, they not only cause disruption and upset to members who are here for legitimate reasons, but they also drag the tone of the whole community down with their nonsense. Thanks Smile
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