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Jeremie.Belpois has been banned from KS Empty Jeremie.Belpois has been banned from KS

Thu 2 Jan 2020 - 19:59
Jeremie.Belpois took his arguments endorsing borderline grooming (link) to Keith's blog, using his Blogger ID "Mehdi:"

Jeremie/Mehdi wrote:You probably know it already Keith, but the Kindred Spirits forum is not sex-positive anymore… You're fine with whatever AoC there is, while this forum silenced with the opinion that kids (below AoC) falling in love with EACH OTHER and making love is a positive and natural thing should at least, not be discouraged.
Saying that is equivalent to grooming, to them !

By the way, from a biological point of view, what do you think is the natural age for teens/children to start doing it, irrespective of their maturity (which is a relative thing, as proved by the variable AoC) ?
What would make sense according to you, if you had to make the laws ?

I warned him once. Now I'm banning him.

If something might be interpreted as grooming minors, it doesn't belong on KS. And that isn't going to change. Endorsing grooming is a banning offense. Jeremie is welcome to have whatever opinions he wants to have -- elsewhere.


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Jeremie.Belpois has been banned from KS Empty Re: Jeremie.Belpois has been banned from KS

Thu 2 Jan 2020 - 22:11
Good call. Give anyone like that enough rope and they hang themselves with it, him and Allessandre and all the rest of those would be pervs who think minors having sex is okay.
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