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Pennsylvania Petition after ACI case Pennsylvannia Empty Pennsylvania Petition after ACI case Pennsylvannia

Mon 5 Jul 2021 - 11:08

After reading about the arrest of a man for ACI in 'Freedom' I decided to dig out this old petition. It is much shorter than the  Czech Republic Petition I am still working on,  which  is about 10 pages long (and getting longer the more I revise it:-(

Please don't sign the petition if you don't truely support equal rights for ACI oriented (CIAO)  people.

According to Wikipedia Pennsylvania is quite progressive and already has" State-wide partner benefits through same-sex marriage, civil unions, domestic partnership, designated beneficiary agreements, or reciprocal beneficiary relationships.... The range of benefits is generally greater in such cities as San Francisco, New York City, and Washington, D.C."

" Although similar to marriage, a domestic partnership does not confer any of the myriad rights and responsibilities of marriage afforded to married couples by the federal government"

Must Ciao people continue to miss out on the myriad of benefits of legal marriage, and also those from domestic partnerships that not long ago were denied to LBGT people?

Please sign the petition if you support equal rights to Ciao, consang and consanguinamorous people.

Thank you.
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